Parga - Sarakiniko
Anessis Hotel & Restaurant

During your stay at Anessis you will have the chance to visit many of the sights of our beautiful region.

It worths visiting:

  • The cosmopolitan Parga with the picturesque Venetian castle
  • Syvota
  • Nekromandio where the gates of Adis used to be
  • The ancient Nikopolis
  • Kassopi
  • The springs of Acherondas river
  • The historical Zalogo
  • Paxi Isles
  • For more sights of the region:

Parga offers noumerous ways to entertain yourself, tours - excursions, water sports, sunbathing and swimming in the crystal clear waters. The management of the hotel Anessis is willing to give you any information about the sights of the region.

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Another view of Parga
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The castle of Parga
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From the castle of Parga
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From Nikopolis
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The castle of Agia

'Anessis' Hotel - Restaurant
Sarakiniko, Parga (Epirus Greece)
Tel. & Fax +30 26840.35235 & +30 210.8080979
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